Earphone Earbuds Bluetooth With 3 LED LCD Digital Display Headphone 3500mAh Touch Control M-13 Power Bank TWS

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This is a TWS Earphone for Apple IOS and Android Phones
It is connected by Bluetooth to your device

Item Description:
Feature:wireless earbuds with power bank
Item No.M-13
1.Control method: touch control
2.Sound quality: HD noise reduction, 9D hifi stereo
3.Power display: 3-screen LED digital display (shows the charge of the charging box and headphones)
4.Charging box battery: 3500mAh
5.Headphone battery: 50mah
6.Headphone function: touch control, switch songs, volume adjustment, call voice assistant, answer / end call, automatically connect to mobile phone Bluetooth, IP68 waterproof.

Bluetooth version: 5.0
Available colors: black
Headphone battery capacity: 40mAh
Charging capacity: 3500mAh
Listening to the songs in both ears: about 3-5 hours (the volume is different at different times)
Charge bin to charge two headsets: 30 times
Headphone charging time: 2 hours
Standby time: 8-10 hours
Charging bin size: 9.5*5*3.5cm